The Untold Story

Hello fellow Kines and Kindreds,

There were a lot of good things happening for Project Vaulderie and we were very excited to find the opportunity to announce them once we had a better grip at stuff that was going on, however now with the Cease and Desist being issued, none of that will ever come to pass, and so we think it will be a miss if we didn’t at least share with you what was going to happen.
Sometimes fate has a mysterious way of making things happen, a few months ago in complete accident I bumped to Mv.c9 (The project lead for Bloodlines Antitribu Mod), we talked for a while, a few days, and believed that the best thing for the Vampire the Masquerade community would be an upscale evolution of the game. The mod was already near its finish so it would serve as a good demo to all the great things that were to come, thus not only the game would be a reimagining, but also would include a slew of new content such as 14 clans in total, a huge array of disciplines, new endings, new maps, new NPCs, all of which was already created for the mod and had to be ported over time.
This was what seemed like a match made in heaven, to create something beyond imagining. And thus the best decision for the project to continue to bring the best re-imagined version was to join our dream and forces, in order to fulfill the ultimate destiny. Both of our forces were jaded of working on an engine as rigid as Source for Bloodlines, because it would have been impossible to achieve the full potential of our dreams without moving to a more flexible engine, an opportunity, which would have been far great to been passed along.
After the cancelation notice devastated the plan that seemed at first nothing but a beautiful dream we thought to formally approach CCP, if they are not OK with an unlicensed version of the game being developed then the next logical step was to request the said license. However even though we provided proof of progress and capability to complete the project with the newly formed team, they still turned us down and were not willing to give us the chance to develop the game whether the game was going to be free to play or as a commercial title, the result was the same.
Me (atrblizzard) and Marvin (Mv.c9) are trying to figure a way out of this burnt dream, on one hand we do not want to give up on the fans that patiently followed us throughout the years, and on the other hand we simply cannot progress with different corporations attacking us from left and right. As soon as we figure something out we will let you know.
Best Regards,
Arthur & Marvin